Your First and Last Defense

Having a backup of your documents is your first and last defense against data loss, file corruption, and malware. Tape backup, external drives, floppy disks, usb sticks, we all had our ways of keeping files safe and in more than one place. But now with cloud backup solutions readily available, BCOS Backup Solutions can provide cloud backup of your files, databases, and even full images of your PC or server. File restoration can be your latest version, or can even back track to a previous version for a plethora of restore options. The image backups can be restored to same or new hardware, bringing back the state from when your PC was last backed up.

Connected Support

The Wait is Over.

As your Connected IT Support, BCOS is able to remote to your computer when you are in need of assistance, and make collaborative decisions with you. Troubleshooting becomes much easier as we’re both on the same page (literally).

Operating System Management

Don’t Let Your OS Manage You

Is your operating system getting causing you frustrations, all while nagging you to update? Slowed down by extraneous processes running in the background? Bloatware? Ad-ware? Let’s give it all the boot! At BCOS, we want your computers running at optimal speed and efficiency, so we run background cleanup scripts, watch for hard drive failures and storage issues. We take over updates for Windows, installing patches outside of normal business hours to eliminate interruptions.

Secure Anywhere

Powered by Webroot

The job of protecting your computer — from viruses, malware, rogue sites, and malicious files — shouldn’t be left up to just anyone. Webroot is up to the challenge with their SecureAnywhere Endpoint Managment, a cloud-based analysis platform that uses global heuristics to check suspicious files against other types of malicious code. Providing the toughest protection against zero-day attacks and all forms of viruses, Webroot is the leader in antivirus and antimalware protection.

BCOS Office Technologies PC MonitoringPerforming These Tasks

 A simple example of the cost  savings our Maintenance Plan will provide:

If a person making $15/hr was assigned to maintain all computers weekly, this would involve an estimated 30 min to 1 hour of work per PC.

At 30 minutes per PC, checking to make sure all Windows Updates were installed, Antivirus and Antimalware had been updated and run, and making sure the server backups had completed, the time per week would be 2.5 hours at minimum.

$15/hr x 2.5 hrs = $37.50 per wk

$37.50 per wk x 4 wks = $150

Our software maintains these same tasks DAILY, bringing a value of $750 per month!

(Based on 30 min per device per work day)