Commitment to Community

At BCOS Office Technologies, our basic business philosophies are based upon the principals of Community, Confidence, and Trust.


We understand as a local business that we will only be as successful as our community, therefore we feel a deep concern for and promote involvement in the local communities in which our employees live and work. We believe a strong community spurs economic growth and opportunity for us all. So if you look past the surface of your local community, you will likely find BCOS Office Technologies and staff somewhere involved in contributing and participating in support of our local civic organizations and local chambers of commerce, because we get the big picture! Together, we make a difference!


We operate with a progressive and aggressive philosophy in serving our customers – not just the words, but a true “Do Whatever it Takes” mentality to satisfy your needs! We are a local company that pays local taxes and participates in the local community. So we challenge you to consider that when you acquire a piece of office equipment for your business, since it is typically a long term capital investment that you will have for years to come, shouldn’t you take the time to choose your vendor wisely? And really ask yourself if the vendor that you have selected is one that you can trust, have confidence in, and one that will be a partner with your company for years. Is the vendor one that can provide you with many solid local references? And are they also committed to your community as you are? If you value these principles, then BCOS Office Technologies will be without question the best vendor for you! Because we pride ourselves in our positive reputation!