BCOS Office Technologies is excited to announce that we have partnered with Zebra to provide your enterprise with mobile solutions through scanners, portable printers, tablets, and printers!

Scanners and Mobile Devices

Zebra scanners are engineered to capture data efficiently without error.  No matter your line of work, medical, retail, or warehouse, there is a data entry solution for you.

Each mobile computer comes with tight security, steadfast durability, and intelligent voice and data performance. With the Android operating system, you’ll find the devices are just as easy to use as your personal devices. However, make no mistake. Zebra didn’t just retrofit consumer technology for business. Instead, Zebra designed these devices specifically for your enterprise and environment.

Zebra Mobile Devices


Zebra develops devices to help you operate at your max; whether you’re in retail, making deliveries, manufacturing and distributing goods, or serving customers. Remote management is effortless, integration easy and performance unrivaled. You’ll have the sight and insight for better decision-making and smoother workflows.  That’s why Zebra purposefully makes our printers with you and your job in mind.