What You Should Know About Your Lease

What exactly is a copier lease? Leasing a copier is very similar to leasing a vehicle. You sign the papers and make monthly payments. Whether it is one copier or a fleet, you will be set for the next few years. The lease is a commitment your business makes with BCOS Office Technologies and the leasing company to pay for the multifunction printers. It is very common for businesses to sign long-term leases due to the low monthly payments. Our Solutions Specialists at BCOS Office Technologies will work for you and help build a machine or product that will be the right fit for your company.


The Perfect Fit

Do not let Overhead expenses be the primary focus when selecting a copier and lease for your business. Selecting a practical machine that is right for your line of work should be first and foremost. Consider what you want your machine to do and ask yourself if you need it to print color, black and white, hole punch, staple, fax, etc…



Did we mention that leasing a copier is a lot like leasing a car? You can negotiate terms on the copier lease, service contract, and cost per copy, both color and black/white. When negotiating terms make sure you are not left paying for extra copies your employees don’t use.


A Copier Lease is NOT a Rental

Look at a copier lease as a long-term agreement. You will be making a low monthly payment over a few years like a car lease. Copier leases are not like renting a house or an apartment. Rentals should be looked at as short-term contracts, and month-to-month payments.


Copier Leases are Legally Binding

After a lease agreement is signed, it becomes a legally binding document. You are now obligated, by law, to pay the monthly rate for the duration of the contract. That’s why it is crucial to work with one of BCOS Solutions Specialists so you can know what details you have agreed to.  


Need vs Want

In our daily lives we think about what we need vs what we want on most purchases. We also know that what we want may usually cost a little bit more money. Copiers work the same way. Do not let yourself get caught up in adding extra features if they are not going to be used. It’s easy to get caught up in all the extra features these machines come with. Ask yourself if these features are worth it, or if you need them. Extra features usually mean that your monthly costs go up.


End of Lease

So, what happens after your lease is up? There are a few things you can do. Ask your dealer, BCOS Office Technologies, and one of our specialists will work for you and help determine what is best for you? Fair Market Value, Dollar out, sending the machine back and closing your lease. Work with one of our solutions specialists and ask questions.  


Ask Ask Ask!    

Always look over your contract and ask any questions you may have so that there is no miscommunication. Have a clear understanding of the terms and never sign a contract with any doubts. We want you to be happy with your copier and we will work with you. Give BCOS a call 800.233.1582, or email us for advice or if you have any questions!