My Glue

More than 60% of all data breaches come from stolen or weak passwords, and nearly 49% of all Internet users write passwords down on paper.  Poor password management creates an easy opportunity for a hacker to gain access to sensitive data, which leads into a nightmare scenario for your company’s compliance team.  70% of security breaches target small businesses and 63% of small businesses have been targeted in the past year.  The cost of a data breach will cost the average small business $117,000.*

The Solution?  MY GLUE

My Glue will protect your business’s digital footprint with a smart, secure password and process management platform.  It will eliminate password “Help Desk” callsMy Glue can be managed from an app or computer and will allow you to keep up with collaborative company passwords, who changed the passwords, and documentation of processes that get forgotten over time.

Efficiency and Optimization

Productivity will increase by reducing, or even eliminating the time it takes to write and reset passwords.  My Glue will save your organization’s operational processes in a secure, centralized location to better increase workflow.  All of this can be controlled by computer or the My Glue mobile app!

Minimizing Cyberattacks and Boost Security

My Glue keeps your data locked in a secure and reliable password management tool that helps fight against hackers exploiting sloppy passwords, and procedure management.  Employees are the weak link in cybersecurity making up for 54% of all breaches.  Even though you may not have poor password management habits, most people do, and someone in your organization does.  Poor password management is a serious risk, but our job is to help secure your IT environment and password management is part of that.

*Kaspersky IT Security Economics Report, 2017