Outdated Windows technology was not designed to respond to the needs of today’s on-demand economy.

  • E-commerce is generating higher overall order volume — and more item-level orders. 1
  • The convenience of online browsing and shopping has raised consumers’ expectations of fulfillment speed. 2
  • Warehouses in many parts of the world face labor shortages that have become more
    critical given the impact of e-commerce.

Windows® mobile technology was developed long before e-commerce existed and it’s not able to respond to
evolving market demands. To better compete for customers and talent, you need to modernize your warehouse
with Zebra Android devices.

4 Reasons to Modernize your Warehouse with Zebra Android Devices

Pick Up the Pace

Faster data entry and scanning means you can optimize workflows for the efficiency that an on-demand economy requires. Your workers can enter data 40% faster,* thanks to the intuitive Android touch-screen user interface. Another efficiency booster is SimulScan, which captures multiple barcodes with a single scan.

Ensure Accurate Order Fulfillment

Zebra Android mobile devices are designed for speed and precision, reliably capturing data from both 1D and 2D barcodes — even dirty or damaged ones.  Devices that combine scanning efficiency with touch-screen accuracy and ease of use enable your workers to validate data in real time and instantly locate the right items to fill orders.

Continuous Uptime

Zebra offers hardware and software that keep your front-line workers productive. Fast charging and hot-swap battery capability minimize device downtime.  Plus, the combination of PowerPrecision+ battery analytics and Device Diagnostics software prevent downtime by indicating when batteries need recharging or replacing enabling on the spot troubleshooting and eliminating unnecessary device repairs.

Faster Onboarding

Your mobile devices impact workers’ productivity and efficiency. Zebra Android devices have an intuitive touch-screen interface and light-weight, ergonomic design for all-day ease of use- providing a better overall user experience. Modernizing helps cut training time for both permanent and temporary workers, making the job easier and empowering them with the confidence to add real value.

1. Warehousing 2020 Vision Study, Zebra Technologies, 2016
2. The Future of Fulfillment Vision Study, Zebra Technologies, 2018
* In tests using TC8000 versus traditional push-button devices.