MPS – The Perfect Solution

IT departments often spend up to 23% of their valuable time managing and maintaining your company's copier and printer issues. Nearly 1 out of 4 help desk calls are printer or copier related. Printer related tasks, such as removing paper jams, supply and toner ordering, and copier installation pull your IT staff away from [...]

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It’s No Longer Business as Usual for Warehouses

Outdated Windows technology was not designed to respond to the needs of today’s on-demand economy. E-commerce is generating higher overall order volume — and more item-level orders. 1 The convenience of online browsing and shopping has raised consumers’ expectations of fulfillment speed. 2 Warehouses in many parts of the world face labor shortages that [...]

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ZEBRA – Our New Line of Mobile Products

BCOS Office Technologies is excited to announce that we have partnered with Zebra to provide your enterprise with mobile solutions through scanners, portable printers, tablets, and printers! Scanners and Mobile Devices Zebra scanners are engineered to capture data efficiently without error.  No matter your line of work, medical, retail, or warehouse, there is a [...]

Case Study: Large Potential Cost Savings!

One of our sales representatives conducted a free consultation with a new customer interested in modernizing their office with a new copy machine.  After a brief meeting we were able to determine the customer was spending approximately $185 per month ($2200 annually) on toner for their old desktop printers.  BCOS was able to lease [...]

Prevent Breaches With Password Management

My Glue More than 60% of all data breaches come from stolen or weak passwords, and nearly 49% of all Internet users write passwords down on paper.  Poor password management creates an easy opportunity for a hacker to gain access to sensitive data, which leads into a nightmare scenario for your company’s compliance team.  [...]

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