Service Like No Other

David Guerrero has been a service technician with BCOS Office
Technologies for 17 years. His leadership and commitment to
BCOS brings life to our company motto:  “Service Like No Other.”
We take pride in that motto as customer service is our priority.
BCOS has received Konica Minolta’s Pro-Tech Award 14 out of
the last 15 years making this our 12th year in a row.

You can trust us to give our best efforts every day.  Our skilled, service department goes through comprehensive training, and performance reviews to maintain the highest level of expertise.  Konica Minolta was the first to offer a program of this kind in the industry.  The Pro-Tech award gives each of our customers the assurance that our technicians have the skills, training, and dedication to keep your equipment operating!

Pictured above from left to right: Steve Gates-Konica Minolta, David
Guerrero-BCOS Service Manager, Hershel Haskins-BCOS Vice President,
Chris Gier-BCOS President.